To Idaho!

I’m writing this from the Newport, WA public library. It is HOT here today, so we busted out about 67 miles between 6am and 1pm this afternoon, and now we’re holed up in the blissfully air conditioned library. Mostly what I’ve done with my library time is make a map of where we’ve been so far:

It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s pretty close. In case you are also a map nerd and want to know where we’ve been;) It’s been an awesome trip so far, with road highlights probably being Old Blewett Pass (on day 8), today’s long and lovely ride down LeClerc Road, and the many many random waterfront bike paths we’ve found in various small towns along various rivers.

Today — once it cools down a bit — we head to Idaho! Well, technically we were in Idaho for like half a second before we crossed back into Washington to get to Newport, but there were no welcome signs yet, so maybe it doesn’t count, ha.


(from a sweet path between Naches, WA and Yakima, WA, back in the days where it was still cool enough to wear jackets)


One of these days I’ll post something for realz, like real touring thoughts, but my computer stamina is pretty low right now so I’m just going to leave the map and this picture of us. I’ll try to keep updating the map as I can from random public libraries. And I’ll try to write something real sometime too;)



  1. I hope you’re making time to jump in those waterfalls!!! (

    • omg I totally forgot about this!! ha! Classic, those dudes in the background:) Also, we definitely need to travel together again. That was apparently like 10 YEARS AGO!! How does this happen?? <3

  2. Ooh I’m a map nerd! What foods are keeping you going? My recollection of bike touring was that 1/2 my brain was dedicated to thinking about food. :)

    • omg definitely at least half my time is dedicated to thinking about either the eating of food or procuring of food for future eating. So much thinking about food. We have basically been stopping at every gas station lately to buy a cold beverage and more snacks of any kind. Fig Newtons, granola bars, and oroes have featured heavily in the convenience store realm; otherwise like half our diet is tortillas with something in them (sometimes hummus and avo and kale or whatever fresh thing we can find, sometimes peanut butter, jelly, and kale, sometimes whatever we have. But we definitely joke that tortillas are our new food group).

      Also, definitely thought you would like the caltopo;)

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