I love my bike. And I love my running shoes, hiking boots, bare feet, and the legs that get me places. I love travel, and there’s no better way to travel than by your own human power.


Forget the idea of long, motor-driven road trips, speeding down the highway in a convertible, or schlepping all your things (or children) in a minivan. I promise, anything you already do by car can be done by bike or foot with just a few modifications. And with a whole bunch of benefits:

exercise ingrained into your daily routine, without having to muster the willpower to go to a gym

-being outside, everyday

-a good separation between work and home

-a sense of community with other cyclists (have you ever felt a sense of community with other drivers?)

-doing good by the environment

saving a boatload of money on gas and insurance

-and most of all, cheesily enough, a huge sense of fun and excitement.

Not owning a car is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. And you can do it too. Whether you’re looking to go completely car-free or simply to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, this website will hopefully inspire your sense of adventure and belief in car-free possibilities.


  1. Michael Stewart Anderson

    I love cycling and I am loving your blog. Even around here, more people are making the effort to be bike only people. The fat tire bikes are really awesome for winter.

    Snow is tough with bikes and kids when you have it on the ground for 4 months of the year. So are 10-30 degree temps. Especially for those with kids. Access to safe riding surfaces is challenging with mounds of snow blocking most of the areas one could ride.

    Still there are many here dedicated to kid transport with bikes even in some of these challenging conditions. Pushing the boundaries is really key to changing perspective about winter cycling and makes winter cycling more possible now than anytime in the past.

    • Hey, thanks! :)

      I’m always psyched to hear about other places that are trying to make biking possible for everyone too. Seems way more hardcore in places where there’s actually snow that sticks around, unlike Portland. Your Traverse City bikers get mad props:)

      • Michael Stewart Anderson

        They have a proposal from taking a big 4 lane car street down to one lane each way with a center lane and bike lanes on each side. That would really help cross town for people cycling in winter. I really hope it passes.
        My WhAT (My Wheels are Turning) is a local blog that keeps me updated about all things non car. There seems to be a nice core of people trying to make our community more friendly. Slow down traffic and make walking and biking more friendly.
        I guess the same battles are being waged in most towns with progressive thinking about the future or transportation. =[;-D

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