This is it, y’all!!

Here we go!! This is James and my last half-day in Portland before we start three months of bike travel!

Neither of us has ever bike-traveled for this long, and we’ve never traveled for this long together, and there are just so many unknowns about this all — which is both a little intimidating and also super exciting to me:) I am sooo psyched to start this hard thing together and see what we discover.


(just your average folks exploding their bike-camping gear all over the living room)


I thought I would start our bike trip by crashing on my (other) bike last week, so I start this trip with some disgusting bruises, a sore wrist and foot, but I think no “real” injuries. I’m hoping this means crashing is fully out of both of our systems for the next three months at least;) And I’m grateful for our plan to start out slow. Even though I know that means I will be stressed out for the first few weeks that we aren’t going fast enough and that we’ll never make it to the other coast in time. Which I will be stressed about even though I know that that’s how I always feel on bike trips and yet it always works out.

If you want to follow along, we’ll be posting from the road as we can via both a google album and instagram, so pick your venue. I may or may not make space to blog. For this non-smart-phone chica, blogging happens via public libraries, so it all depends on how long we want to spend at any random library;) But that’s also how I hope to catch up with some of you via email too if you happen to have a sec to send me a sweet email to let me know what’s up in your world, which I will be missing very much <3 I also very much welcome random texts and voicemails or anything that helps me feel like you all haven’t forgotten about us over three months.

Think us happy thoughts!! :)


  1. Yay! And finally a little bit of good weather to start off your trip!
    Have fun.

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