We made it to winter solstice!!!

Heck. Yes.

Today in Portland, our “daylight” lasted 8 hours, 42 minutes, and 8 seconds, and from here it’s only getting longer! (“Daylight” in quotes, because it sure didn’t seem like the sun rose until about noon today — though once it came out, it actually came out!).

Mt Hood sunrise(a super cold sunrise about a month ago, back when it came up closer to 7)

I’m a little incensed though, as always, that it takes a while for it to get lighter in the mornings: for the next while, the sun here actually rises a minute or two later. On Christmas day, the sun doesn’t rise until 7:49 (a minute later than it does now); the day after, it takes until 7:50. 7:50! That’s so fricken late! No wonder I feel like I spend all my time biking in the dark — when I typically start work 20 minutes before the sun rises, it means that I do!

I’m so, so excited for longer daylight:)


  1. Are you also excited for less rain? ;-)

    • Heh. Don’t tell anyone, and fundamentally I’m glad we’re actually getting rain — but yes, yes I am:) Or, I’m excited for less hard and crazy and neverending rain, anyway.

  2. I can relate…years ago, I taught in the Netherlands, and the sun didn’t rise in late November until after 8:30 am…left home in the dark and returned in the dark as well, traveling by train for 2 hours each way to the school where I worked. I would rent a bike at the station to get to work, and nearly got run over by a bus one dark morning! The days will get longer, but be safe, as I know you always try to be.

    • Woah. 2 hours each way by train is BRUTAL (as is the sun not rising until 8:30). I’ve got a pretty plush deal compared to that! :)

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