the psuedo-science of packing:)

Mini bike adventure time!

I’m heading out tomorrow for just a few days, which means that today I’ve slowly been adding to a pile of stuff on my floor:

bike trip packing

This is what my house always looks like before I leave: a collection of the things I want to bring with me, all spread out on the floor. I sort of gather things as I think of them and lay them out so I can see what I have and what I still need. And then right before I leave, I finally consolidate it all and put it efficiently in my trailer in exactly the way I like.

This is my pseudo-scientific method of packing:)

And no, if you were curious, that big blue bag doesn’t stay that large. (A trailer can take big things, but that bag would be an egregious misuse of space;) That’s my sleeping bag, which I will compress down to a reasonable size tomorrow morning before I go.

So excited! Think me happy thoughts for good weather!

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