The hazard of spring bike trips in Oregon

Oh, Oregon.

It’s true–both these pictures are from the same 3-day bike trip:

stasia bike trip contrast

On Monday when I left, it was a good 70 degrees and sunny. The next two days? Rain, rain, rain. And cold. I guess in this picture I hadn’t put on my beanie and extra sweatshirt layer yet:)

Knowing Oregon, of course I’d packed for the inevitable wet and cold. But still. When I biked past a bank in Estacada today with one of those time/thermometer signs, I was a little incensed to see that it read 45 degrees.

Fun dualities: for the last hour or so before I made it home today, with my hands so wet and numb that I couldn’t even reliably shift gears, I could still, from two days before, feel the heat radiating from a sunburn on my back.

Like I said, this is the hazard of springtime travel in Oregon:)


  1. A rainy 45 degrees? I don’t think I would look as happy as you do…

    • ha! But there’s something fundamentally ridiculous and thus smile-worthy about being out in such crappy weather after having been out in such lovely weather the day before.

      Plus, yknow, I’m on my bike out in the world. That itself is sure to bring a smile to my face:)

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