Spring, you say?

Yesterday was the first day of spring! I hadn’t noticed, actually. Though the calendar and a few of the eager trees in my neighborhood seem to think it’s time for this:

(last year’s cherry blossoms on the waterfront)

…today’s commute home was more like this:

(February snowshoe trip to Ditch Creek, Eastern Oregon)

Okay. Imagine less snow actually on the ground (and a bike instead of snowshoes), but it was seriously snowing on me as I biked home today–enough even for it to actually stick to the road.

It was one of those moments of biking home with a ginormous grin on my face because I couldn’t get over how crazy it was that it was fricken snowing on me. Snowing! Only a few weeks ago I was raving about a springy bike adventure in the sunshine!

This is why Portland never gets old:)

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