ode to weather

It’s dreary, dark, grey outside–the kind of weather where the clouds seem to come all the way down to the ground, the kind of day that makes me want to hunker inside under a blanket. Of course, work and outside obligations loom, and with those obligations comes the inevitable launching of myself onto my bicycle, into the gloom.

The awesome thing is that even though right now it seems so appealing to simply snuggle up on my couch with a cup of tea, I know that once I get going I’m going to be so psyched to be outside. Once my legs start pushing me down the street and I breath the crisp air and feel the rain on my face, I’m going to be glad I’m out.

I’m not sure I’d feel that way if I were simply running out to a car that would, in its insulated bubble, magically transport me to another inside location. Even when it looks depressing from inside, I’m always glad to have thrown myself into the world.

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