snowy spring ride to the zoo

Lest you thought I was kidding yesterday when I said that my commute home was snowy… this morning as I made my way up the hill, the world looked like this:

…and this:

I had to remember my long-disused snow-biking technique: slow down; use a low gear; brake early, slowly, and steadily; stay in the seat (even when it’s tempting, going up this hill, to stand up on the pedals); and don’t make any sudden changes in direction. And today it helped to ride in car tracks–they were less slushy.

There weren’t too many people out this morning, but I did get a huge smile from the one other biker I saw, him headed down the hill, me going up. There’s nothing like shared reveling in an absolutely amazing ride.

Have I mentioned I fricken love my commute?! (oh, that’s right. I didAll the time;)

When I got to work, there was even an ambassador of snow waiting for me:

AND, just to prove that spring really is around somewhere, a few patches of blue sky:

I can think of no better way to start the day off than a ride through Washington Park in the snow. SO AMAZING!!

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