Sauvie Island: visiting the cranes:)

Surprise! Today was a holiday for me, so with a full day off, I decided to ride out to Sauvie Island, one of my favorite winter places. It’s just far enough that I don’t do it that frequently, but I try to go at least once or twice a year, usually in late fall/winter (to welcome the sandhill cranes) and the beginning of spring (to welcome the osprey and say bye to the cranes).

This might have been a little later in the season than I usually go, though honestly I’m not sure. At any rate, despite being the end of December, it was a totally beautiful overcast day, where the clouds were high enough to see all the mountains. I started off wearing a sweatshirt and my jacket, but by the time I’d ridden a while I was warm enough to take off the sweatshirt, which left me in a t-shirt and rain jacket, basically balmy, and very un-Decemberlike. Though once I got to Sauvie Island and my pace slowed way down to watch birds, I had to put the sweatshirt back on;)