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Once upon a time, I had a blog. Not this blog, I mean; it was a random life-and-time-and-thoughts kind of blog, where I just spewed whatever the heck it was I was thinking about. I’m not sure what motivated me to “publish” those thoughts, to make them accessible on the internet as opposed to just writing them in my paper journal which I’ve kept fairly consistently since about 6th grade, but I suspect that the public nature was actually good for me. At least in the sense that it made me and my writing more consistent, more polished, more thought through.


(snow camping at Crater Lake might have been something I’d write about on my other blog, but not this one. heh. At least, not in anything other than this picture;)


But there’s only so much you can write about yourself on the internet, publicly, without feeling like a tool. Or maybe there’s only so much I can write about myself on the internet without wondering who the heck cares about what I do with myself or what I think about anyway, and that blathering it all over the internet is just exacerbating what I hate, this inane chatter where all of us want so desperately to be heard, to be understood, to be loved, that we totally forget to listen to anyone else.

So I started this blog, bicycle-themed, to give myself a focus that seemed less overtly self-serving, mostly keeping the personal stuff to my paper journal again. I gave myself a “random thoughts” tab here to house the less overtly-bike-related things, and I’ve mostly kept to biking.

But lately I just haven’t been as excited about writing about biking anymore. My paper journal gets the attention; this blog languishes in the hinterlands of the internet.


(Patagonia: something else that got a lot of real-journal attention, but not so much here)


Is this blog done? Probably not; I’m probably just in my not-super-excited-about-it phase — and then I’ll ride somewhere or do something and suddenly be super excited all over again to write about it. Or maybe I’ll decide that I need a new focus. Who knows.

But for realz. Is there anything more cliche than a post about posting? Thus concludes the meta-post — I’ve gotta get back on my bicycle;)

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