And now I work in … Washington?

Just like that, I’ve left one job with a long commute to Gresham (or rather, that job left me, and everyone else who worked there), and I’ve taken another job with a long commute to… Washington! Ha! I’m a little nervous about this, but mostly pretty darn excited:)



Yesterday, before I’d actually accepted the job, a woman I was volunteering with asked me if I would buy a car if I started working in Vancouver. And, of course, I told her heck no! heh. As much as I’m nervous about biking up there, I would so, so, so much rather be on my bike than stuck in I-5 traffic driving a car, even if it is a reverse commute.

C-Tran, with its express bus from downtown Portland to downtown Vancouver (and vice versa) may be an option if I get sick of the ride. At $3.85 one way, it’s a bit pricey, but maybe worth it sometimes if I start feeling oppressed by how long I’m spending on my commute. That way I could still ride a little, and then let someone else drive me and a bunch of other people for a little too. Though we all know how bad I am at taking the bus option even when it exists and is fairly convenient.

I’m definitely nervous about this! But mostly excited. Now what will life look like, with this whole new direction and whole new commute and whole new part of life? :) Excited to find out! Bring it!!


Oh! Also! If you have any ideas about good ways to ride from SE Portland to Vancouver (the I-5 part of Vancouver), let me know. I imagine I will be trying all sorts of different things for a while, so hit me up:)


  1. Congrats on yr job! Whereabouts in Vancouver are you going? That would help in the figuring out bike routes.

    • Thanks! :)

      I’m going just across the I-5 bridge to the main downtown part of Vancouver. It’s more getting home from the I-5 bridge that I’m curious about — when I did it before, I just went through Delta Park to the Slough to N Vancouver, but Vancouver was totally soul-crushing with all the stoplights. Maybe I was just going at the wrong speed, but in the afternoon/evening anyway, it seems like there must be a better and less trafficked way.

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