Loosening the traffic control

If I take the direct way there (ha! which I very rarely do;), this is approximately what my commute to work looks like right now:

When I get to Washington Park, the green part on the left of that route, I head up Kingston Dr, a lovely meander through the woods. Then when I get to Knights Blvd (I had to look these names up just now — though I bike them all the time, I’ve never really taken note of what they’re called!), I take a left, and it’s a quick downhill cruise toward my office.

For the last four years at least, there have been two stop signs after that left turn: one right by the MAX station, and one by the Children’s museum. But as of a few weeks (or maybe a month or two by now?), that second stop sign has turned into this:

stop here for peds washington park(just a crosswalk with a reminder to stop for peds — no other stopping necessary)

It’s funny to me, since it’s the only time I can think of when traffic control got less strict. Usually they’re putting in more stoplights or something, not taking them away. (And it actually seems like more work to take it out and replace it with this sign that to just leave it as a straight-up stop sign.) I’m not sure what the theory behind that was, though I’m sure there was a good rational reason. Anyone know about this kind of thing?

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