A (silly) bikey soulmate moment

Awww. I came out of Planet Granite the other day and found that my bike — a Soma Double Cross — had been joined at its bike rack by another Soma Double Cross.

IMG_5805(double trouble of black Double Crosses:)

I do so love my bitty bicicleta, and when I see a related one that also looks similar, it makes me smile. I imagine its owner seeing my analogous black bike and, out of all the other available places to park, putting her bike by mine because they’re cousins and might like to hang out together. Often, I feel like I should leave a note: “hello! Nice bicycle!” Or, “hello! I see that our related bikes are making friends!”

It’s a silly thing, but I like it:)


  1. But what kind of tires are on the bike? ;-)

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