Camera ideas, anyone?

My camera has survived being dropped from my bicycle at high velocity a few times, getting sand ingrained in its every moving part in Utah, and who knows how many other bumps and scratches over several years of coming on adventures with me–but now, finally, it’s toast. An accidental bath in the San Juan Islands was the last straw: I’ve finally, irrevocably, killed it off.

s95_3q_largeSo now I’m hoping some of y’all can give me suggestions for a new one. I had a Canon Powershot S95, which I liked for several reasons:

  • it’s small and easily stowed in my handlebar bag
  • it turned on and was ready to take a picture quickly
  • it had options for manual control
  • it wasn’t a super crazy big or expensive camera, but still took pretty darn good pictures

There are, of course, things I would have liked better:

  • a better macro
  • better zoom (probably impossible in a small camera like this, but a girl can dream)
  • more durable:)

I know very little about cameras and was pretty quickly overwhelmed looking online for a similar-ish camera that would take good pictures but not cost more than $500 (ideally not even more than $400, if that’s possible).

So now I bring in the cavalry. That’s you, I mean. Do you know anything about digital cameras? Do you know anyone who knows about digital cameras? Do you have a hopefully informed opinion about some good options in my price range? I’m basically starting from scratch here with some birthday money I got, so any thoughts you have would be helpful.

I didn’t think this would be the case, but I actually feel sort of lost without a camera. Hit me up with your suggestions–here, email, phone, whatever:) Thank you, thank you! :)


  1. Hi buddy! I may be late in the game on this one… but here’s what Charlie and I bought:
    I have a “nice” camera – but I wanted something that was lighter and waterproof for our backpacking and kayaking adventures. We’ve been happy with the pictures it takes so far!

    • Hey you! heh. Yep, you’re late in the game since I bought a a Canon S120 (which is basically like the old camera I had), though sadly it’s not waterproof in the least. But I’ve been happy with it so far. You know, all week that I’ve had it:)

      I sort of wish I’d seen this first, though, since that looks like it would have been a good (and less expensive) option. Oh well.

    • ps: do you still have the same email address or phone number? I may (shhhhh!) be near Boise in a few weeks with my bikey…

  2. Yes! Sorry, again, late in the game. Just saw this. I just posted on your other post. :) E-mail and phone are the same.

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