Bikey blast from the past

I just found this picture languishing in an old draft post that never made it to publishing. It was dated way back in 2012, and called “Things you might see while biking: so many bikes!”

(bike parking near the OHSU tram)

And while there certainly are a lot of bikes in there, if my camera worked and I took a picture of this same place right now, it would be crammed to the gills. Not that there’s a lot of space left to park in this picture, but if I went there right this second today I’m pretty sure there would be none. And that the overflow racks nearby would also be full.

Once Tilikum Crossing, the new pedestrian/MAX/bike bridge right by this opens, I imagine it’s only going to get crazier.

So that was a fun thing to find this morning! Good to see that what I thought of as an unfathomably large number of bikes two years ago is only getting bigger! :)

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