May is bike month!!

And that means that the Portland Bureau of Transportation, along with other celebratory things, is serving free breakfast to cyclists all over the city!

You can find their full complement of Bike Month information here, but here’s the breakfast schedule at least (cuz let’s face it, food is important!):

  • May 2 (tomorrow!): 6:30-8:30am at SE 130th and Center
  • May 7: 7:30-9am at Pacific NW College of Art (NW 13th and Johnson)
  • May 9: 7-8:30am at St Johns Plaza (N Lombard and Philadelphia)
  • May 14: 6:30-8:30am at the I-205 Multi-use path and E Burnside
  • May 15: 7-9am at Hillsdale shopping center (6344 W Capitol Highway)
  • May 16: 7:30-9am at SE Lincoln and and 39th
  • May 21: 7:30-9am at W Barbur and Hamilton
  • May 23: 7-8:30am at NE Sacramento and 67th

I’m psyched that they’re really reaching out to different parts of the city. A lot of bike-fun type stuff happens pretty close to downtown–which I guess makes sense if you’re simply trying to reach the highest number of people–but it’s nice to acknowledge that people do, in fact, come by bike from all over this city.

Let me know if you stop at any of these! I’ll probably pedal by the SE breakfast on May 16, but I’d love to hear how the other ones go if you happen to be by!

(And by the way, May 17 is National Bike to Work day. Do it!:)

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