Breakfast at PNCA

Yay! On my way to work yesterday I found my way to a Bike Month breakfast, on NW Johnson and NW 13th, right in front of Pacific Northwest College of Art. There were a few excellent things about it:

  1. It’s a free breakfast for people on bikes. That’s pretty awesome in and of itself
  2. It was actually a breakfast! Not just coffee and donuts, I mean (though there was definitely that too), but also bananas, granola, yogurt. A whole spread!
  3. They even had Metro seat covers, stickers, and other fun things to give out:)
  4. It was well attended by a wide variety of people, and everyone was in a good mood. A great way to start the day that, hanging out with other happy people

NW johnson bike month bfast(Woohoo! A colorful bike breakfast! –And check out the awesome vertical bike parking behind them:)

The best part, though, was one of those fuzzy little community-building type things. As I rolled up, I immediately recognized one of the women hosting it. But from where? She recognized me too, so we rolled through the basic how-might-I-know-you? routine. But you know what? It turns out that we just know each other from last year’s bike month. We chatted for a long time on NW Johnson last year, and that’s it.

We do have some friends in common, though (which is typical of Portland, I suppose;) and we decided this year that it’s amazing that we aren’t already friends in our own right. As I left, I couldn’t help but say “I’ll see you again on Johnson next year!” heh. Hopefully we’ll see each other again before that, but I love the random little connections like this that spring up when you’re willing to slow down and talk to people. Which is ever so much easier when you’re not traveling through the world in your own little metal box, cut off from everything. Just sayin’ ;)

There’s another breakfast tomorrow, up in St Johns for all you way northerners. And more throughout the month. Hit one up! They’re awesome!:)

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