Things you might see while biking: complicated industry

When you bike over the Lewis and Clark Bridge that I mentioned in the last post, you might see something like this to the west side of it:

logging in Longview(so much evidence of logging!)

It’s a “complicated industry,” I say, because while the sight off all these used-to-be trees makes me intensely sad, I also know that timber sales fund a lot of public services in Washington. And that while I try to limit my consumption of wood/paper products as much as possible, wood used responsibly is at least a renewable resource, unlike some. Like most issues, it’s never as easy as “logging is bad, conservation is good.”

That being said, I do feel like if this were a sight that more people saw on a daily basis, maybe we’d be a little more conscious of the choices we make–not just for wood, but resources in general.

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  1. Michael Stewart Anderson

    Could most of these heading to Japan?
    I heard that Japan is laying in many years supply of wood and sinking it in the ocean because the salt water at certain relatively anaerobic depths preserves the wood for decades if not centuries.
    Anyhow it seems Japan needs lots of wood.

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