The perfect water bottle

My epic quest for a perfect water bottle is, I think, finally over. And it ends with this:

(the Clean Bottle)

When I say “perfect water bottle,” I mean a water bottle that fits a few criteria:

  • It fits in my bottle cage without rattling around
  • It’s easy to drink from while I’m biking
  • It’s not made of toxic materials that will slowly give me cancer
  • It won’t mold
  • I won’t have to replace it in a few months
  • And it holds enough water to keep me hydrated on loooong rides

I just bought this Clean Bottle two weeks or so ago, and I have to say that I think according to my criteria it might actually be the perfect bottle– and, for super extra bonus points, the Clean Bottle company donates 10% of their proceeds to eco-friendly charities that you can read about on their website. Sweet, right?:)

What makes it so perfect, you might wonder? For one, this:

Both the top and the bottom screw off, so you can scrub every inner recess of the sucker. No mold in the bottle itself.

But ever better…

(see that little yellow thing?)

…the nozzle comes out of the top of the water bottle too, so you can even clean that. This is what really makes the water bottle for me, since every single water bottle I’ve ever had, ever, gets molds on the top part, and it is impossible to clean if it doesn’t actually come off the bottle. I’m psyched that since I can access every single part of this bottle with soap and a scrubber, I won’t end up having to get ride of it, like I’ve done with other bottles, due to the toxicity of the algae blooms that I’ve inexorably cultivated over time. So unless it completely deteriorates (which I suppose is possible, though it seems unlikely–I’ll let you know in a few months:), I forsee that this can be a long-term keeper.

I only bought one, since I wasn’t sure if it was worth it, but now that I’ve been using it, I’m definitely going to get another one for my other bottle cage. So psyched!! Check it yourself next time your current water bottle turns green:)


  1. Very interesting. Does it have an odor or unpleasant taste when using water. If it doesn’ t then will give it a try

    • Hm. I just went out and tried it, since I couldn’t necessarily remember any bad taste or odor but couldn’t positively tell you that there wasn’t any either.

      But now that I just went out and grabbed my bottle from my bike and took a swig (the water’s been in there since early this morning), it seems fine. It’s not like drinking out of a fresh mountain spring or anything, but it doesn’t smell and it tastes fine. I imagine if you left the water in there for a few warm days it would probably start to taste like plastic, but that would happen in any bottle.

      The more I use this one, the happier I am with it. If you try it, let me know what you think:)

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