two random things you might see while biking:)


I pass this tree every time I bike up Willamette to St Johns, but last week it suddenly had clothes hanging all over it:

I have no idea what the clothes were about, but it certainly made for a lot of people stopping mid run or walk or ride or drive and looking quizzical. The clothes were there for about two days before–just as suddenly as they appeared–they all vanished without a trace.

If anyone knows what that was about, I’d love to hear it. I imagine it as a creative art installation designed to get people engaging with each other in public space:)


Lovely sunset-colored clouds while James and I biked home this evening:

Every time I set out on my bike today I got soaked, even though it didn’t on the whole seem like it rained that much–it just rained at the wrong times for my various commutes. But the payoff was that this evening the sky was amazing. Angry clouds and sun and crazy pinks that I didn’t know existed… I wish I knew how to do it justice with my camera.

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