truly badass

As I was getting ready to take off on the Hagg Lake mud run yesterday, I noticed a fellow bike up, strip off his biking shorts, and join the starting line. Intrigued, I pointed him out to a friend I was with, who realized that he’d passed the same guy way back in Hillsboro, about 16 miles away. It turns out that this fellow biked all the way from Portland to this race.

That means that not only did he get up at what I imagine was the ass crack of dawn, in about 27 degree weather, but he biked at least 40 miles to the start of a 9am race, ran 15.5 miles (25k) through the mud, and then biked 40 miles home again. How badass is that?

So I’m a little sad that I didn’t talk to him, or at least get his phone number so we could arrange a bike pool for next year;) It made me feel totally soft for having gotten a ride with my friend.

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