car free eggs!!

This is maybe the best thing ever. A few weeks ago, James came home from work super late with a half dozen differently-colored eggs: two amazing people with a whole host of chickens and some land in the woods had set up on the Hawthorne bridge and were giving out their home-grown eggs to people biking by.

The eggs were amazing, and these folks’ generosity even more so. I tracked down their blog and left a comment thanking them for their thoughtfulness (and the delicious eggs), and figured that would be the end of that. But! Then they tracked me down and sent me an email this weekend saying that they’d be in Portland again giving out more eggs for Valentine’s day. And sure enough, despite yesterday’s incredibly shitty weather, there they were bundled up with their bikes on the Hawthorne bridge, giving out free eggs to all the other cyclists that went by (you can even see James looking happy in the background:) :

Aren’t they cute?:) They were sad when I took this picture that they didn’t have a cooler sign, but I like the hominess of it:) And that’s their bike eggmobile in the front!

Anyway, they’re the folks behind Seedyeggs, and they’re awesome. Basically everything I know about them thus far I read on their blog, which I highly recommend to you all (my favorite post so far: how to milk a chicken), but it seems like a pretty rad setup they’ve got–a whole bunch of chickens running around in the woods, being healthy and producing the most amazing eggs ever.

Actually, take a look for yourself: don’t these look yummy? Notice especially how big some of them are. And if the last batch we got is any indication, I know that once I crack any of these suckers open, they’re going to have the most amazing orange yolks in the world. Seems like it’s a healthy chicken thing: good diet and good exercise leads to good eggs. (anyone care to draw a parallel to diet and exercise for humans?)

(That egg on the bottom right corner is actually that big, it’s not a camera trick. The cartons don’t quite even close over it:)

Anyway, I mention all this because those of you in Portland might want to keep an eye out for them. It seems like they’re making an experiment out of giving their eggs away, so you might want to watch their blog for any news of them coming back with more.

But don’t just think of this as a getting-free-shit thing. As you well know, eggs are actually kind of expensive, especially when they’re not grown factory-style in some abhorent frankenchicken laboratory, and it’s crazy amazing that these folks are willing to freely give hundreds of their eggs. They’ve got a virtual tip jar over on their blog, which I know I just made a contribution to–if you do find them for eggs or simply want to support some chicken raising awesome folks contributing to the good energy of the world, consider making a virtual donation.

So I’ll end with what I started with: this is maybe the best thing ever. Happy chickens laying amazing eggs; amazing chicken-raisers reminding me that generosity is alive and well in the world; lovely gifts to passing cyclists. Awesome. Thanks, seedyeggs:)

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