crap cycle lanes

James and I get a pretty good complement of magazines at our house, from National Geographic to the New Yorker, from Harper’s to the New York Review of Books and other random things that happen upon our doorway. It’s a pretty amazing spread of information and thought–the only problem is that we have a really hard time staying on top of it. As James said, it takes him almost a whole day to read one issue of the New Yorker–how can we stay on top of that when we get a whole new one every Monday?

I mention this because I want to cite where I read about this, but I read so many different magazine yesterday that I absolutely can’t recall. Regardless, I made myself a note to look up Crap Cycle Lanes, a book published in 2007 that has pictures of the 50 worst bike lanes in Britain. Not only did I find the book (which I’m highly tempted to order–there are used copies for as little as 85 cents on Amazon!), but I found this amazing complement of really crappy bike lanes. Here’s a sample:

Heh. I’m sure that Portland also has its share of crap bike lanes (the 20-foot bike lane on SE 47th comes to mind), but these are just ridiculous.

Anyone else out there have any other crazy bike lanes to contribute?


  1. This one is pretty good. The green area is the bike lane and the brown sign says “Bicycle Museum.” Classic.

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