Fall, fall, fall:)

Y’all. I love fall so much.

Yes, in the back of my mind I hear James’ voice saying but stasia, you love all seasons! Which, okay, yes, I do, but GOSH do I love fall.

The world is a riot of colors right now, made extra dramatic by the quick downpours and the also-quick clearing.


(so many colors from Mt. Tabor Park, looking toward downtown)


And the world is so cozy right now, made more so by the sometimes-dreary rain and from coming in out of it to a warm and inviting home.

And my world — our little patch of earth and our home and our sweet little neighborhood — is a frenzy of small birds back in their mixed winter flocks for safety, of a barred owl chilling right on the side of the path at Mt Tabor Park, of the varied thrushes back for winter. Our food garden is put to bed (thanks James:) and the raspberries are cut back and I’m plotting the ways I’ll trim each tree when they finally go to sleep for winter.

It’s soup season and tea season and dashing-through-the-rain-laughing season; it’s biking through leaf piles to hear them crunch season; it’s apple season and persimmon season and mushroom and lichen season.


(leading a lichen walk at Mt Tabor for all the lichen nerds:)


It is THE BEST and I love it so much.


  1. My favorite season, too.

  2. How does one get in on these lichen nerd walks?

    • Ooh, great question! This is the second one I’ve done as part of the Friends of Mt Tabor Park Urban Nature Series. I might do another in spring; I can let you know if you want in! :) (Some of the other walks they offer are super cool too!)

    • Ha, or, also, we could take a walk anywhere and I’m always happy to nerd out about lichens, planned walk and curriculum or not;)

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