A proper fall drenching

Well gosh, folks! Yesterday afternoon I had to bike up to Vancouver for an evening work thing, and though the ride started out as a quintessentially nice fall sometimes-very-light-sprinkles sort of thing, about halfway through it just started pouring. Which I ignored at first, since all day it had been raining on and off, so I figured it would quit soon. But then it just kept raining, and raining, and raining. And even though I stopped to put on my jacket and rain pants and even the foot booties I’d put in my bag kind of as an afterthought (I’m not quite used to the full rain kit yet), I got so thoroughly saturated it was ridiculous.


(this wasn’t actually from yesterday; this is a picture I took a bunch of years ago. But same idea;)


It was definitely a full costume change when I finally got to work kind of thing. Luckily, because I know this happens and past stasia had been wise, I had dry socks and underwear and even an extra (albeit fairly dirty) work jacket stashed in my desk.

So that feels like the proper welcome to fall. I’d been wondering when my first absolutely drenching ride would be, ha. Welcome to rain! :)

(Though apparently now it’s gonna be nice again for a while. I guess I should clean my bike and re-lube my cranky chain;)


(I guess I should also retire this jacket, which it turns out is not even a little bit waterproof if it actually rains;)


Honestly, the whole thing was pretty great. Especially now when it hasn’t really gotten winter-cold yet, I really, really like the rain, and I like the ridiculousness of just being totally, nothing-you-can-do-about-it soaked. As long as I have dry clothes to change into when I get where I’m going;)

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