The bike-by

The other evening, James and our old housemate and I were biking along the Springwater path together. Or rather, we had been biking, but were currently pulled over and I was getting the binoculars out of my bag to peep a pair of bald eagles over on Ross Island. So I was looking down, into my bag, when someone biked past with a few other people going the other direction and yelled “HI STASIA!!”

Ha! I have no idea who it was since everything transpired while I was still looking down and people biking are gone before you know it. But I love that so much. The random bike-by and the reminder of community! Awwww:) (If it was you, please tell me. heh.)


(p.s. the waterfront cherry blossoms are off the hook right now:)


  1. It wasn’t me, you can cross me off the list of suspects. ;-)

  2. It wasn’t me either! In case you were wondering ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

  3. Since I would have been in Japan at the time, it wasn’t me either!

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