Little happinesses: a fluff piece

I’ve been really delighting in little things these days, perhaps helped along by the lovely weather that predisposes me anyway to want to smile and smile and smile at everything.

The view of Mt Hood from my commute.


(and a view of Mt St Helens, too, out of the picture frame to the left)

(and damn if that’s not a sexy bicycle!;)


A delicious salad for dinner.

A sneak-it-in bike ride for two hours around Seattle — in the sunshine — between a work meeting and my train ride home.

A sneak-it-in bike ride with a friend on the way to work this morning, and another ride with another friend on the way home: friends on bicycles to bookend my work day.

An apple at perfect crispiness.

Flowers and flowers and flowers, more every day.


(from a lunchtime walk at work, its own little happiness:)


Two consecutive work days spent outside on trails, again, in the sunshine.

A random silly GIF from my boss.

Leaving smiley post-it notes for my volunteers to find when they load up the tools to take out to a weekend work party, and being happy thinking of it making them happy.

The fact that many little happinesses recently are work-related.

Scheming a new upcoming season of CSA veggies.

Taking the long way home.

Extra snuggles in the morning; yoga at night.


(did I mention flowers??:)


I’m feeling so gosh-darn grateful these days! I know it won’t be springy forever (ha! Sunday, for example, when I’m planning to bike fairly far, has a rather dreary forecast again;), but I feel like once this starts, the ball is in motion and it’s a slow but inevitable march into color and daylight and life. And I’m just gonna smile and smile and smile.

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