You know what I love? I fricken love my bike commute. Even though things like having to bike alongside I-5 for a while made me sort of lukewarm about it when I started, I love my ride to work and home again so much.

Recently, I love how it’s crystal clear (albeit dark) in SE Portland when I leave, and then super soupy foggy when I get far enough north, like I’ve biked my way into a magical fairyland. (I also like the feeling of biking through many microclimates on the way to work:)


(Delta Park, foggy-style)


I love all the cottonwoods along the Columbia River Slough, slowly losing their leaves so I can see the eagles and red-tailed hawks more clearly. I also love all the winter ducks making their way back for the cold months.

I love how many cold, clear days we’ve had recently, leaves crunching under my tires and making me little-kid gleeful.

I love that last night, biking home super late when no one’s out except for all the people living in tents along the way, I heard snow geese above me in Delta Park, looked up, and could see their magical white bodies winging their way through the sky.

I love it when I see the same people biking either to or from work — though it doesn’t happen as much on this commute as on some of my other ones, that makes it all the more special.

I love that I have a million different options of ways I can bike, depending on what flavor of ride I want and how far I want to go.


(I also love the heron who always hangs out here no matter what weather, though you can’t see her in this picture cuz she’s at the bottom of the hill)


Tonight, after a later-night work event, my grand-boss (i.e. my boss’s boss;) asked me if I was going to drive the work truck home or if I had to bike, and I told her totally honestly that there is basically no world in which I would rather drive home. Even if it takes twice as long; even if it’s raining. I fricken love the time I spend on my bike.




(Side note: all the cold fog has a downside, which is that it makes the “land bridge” over highway 14, a slightly longer detour that I usually take to get to work, extra slippery, and sometimes that means that I crash my bicycle. And sometimes that means that I have gigantic gnarly bruises and mild whiplash, but I still love my bike commute:)

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