Sneak-attack blogging from Idaho!

Heh. That’s right — this chica is parked in a public library in Idaho, taking a break from baking my brain on the long-sunny-hot ride in from Montana. I didn’t really have a chance to write about it before I left, but this still mostly the beginning of a three-week adventure to get me back to my bike-touring roots:)

If all goes well, this will be a three-state, one province, two-country trek. Psyched!!

So far, Montana has delivered with a black bear AND a moose sighting!

Also, I somehow managed to catch a sneak-attack cold on the very first day I was out, so I’ve been snuffling along, snot rocketing with the best of them. It doesn’t seem to be too bad though, just kind of annoying.

Anyway. In case you’re wondering why you haven’t and probably won’t hear from me for a while, that’s it: bike adventure!! YAY!!

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  1. *Waves!* Hiiiii!

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