Though it’s hard to leave in the dark…

… it is fantastic to be biking as the sun comes up. Any pictures I have don’t do it justice in the least, since the awesomeness is wrought not of any single, capturable, pictured moment but of the gradual lightening, the sense of peace, the quiet of the pre-dawn hours that give rise to singing birds, and, eventually, other people.


(even biking on the I-205 path, perhaps my least favorite of any place to bike in Portland, can be beautiful!)


I can’t really say that I love the darker days, but I do love this beautiful extended fall we’re having; I love when mornings of leaving the house in the dark give rise to beautiful sunrises and crisp, dry biking, crunching my bike tires through piles of red and golden leaves.

Life is good in Portland these days:)

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