Rainy-day zen

It’s only annoying that it rains if you’re trying to stay dry.

That’s my zen thought of the day. The last few days have been rainy, which has been a total relief, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time getting wet with a giant smile on my face. And as I biked to Mt Tabor today to go running, getting clothes-plastered-to-me saturated even in the approximately 8 minutes that it takes to ride to the park, I thought: if I were trying to stay dry I would be sad right now, but because I left the house fully expecting to get soaked, I don’t mind at all.


(welcome back, rain!:)


Embrace the wet. Let it run down my face. Let it soak into my socks as I splash through puddles. Feel it drip down my back. Be a little kiddo running around with my eyes up to the sky and a big, goofy grin on my face. That is my current way of embracing this new, more fall-like version of fall.

James gives me shit sometimes because I often say “I love this weather!!” — to which he responds that I say that about any weather, so it’s not exactly a revelation that I say so. Which I guess is basically true. But man, if you love any weather, you’re always gonna be happy, right? That’s my second zen thought of the day: embrace it all, and you’ll be ready for anything:)

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  1. Tu aimes le temps. You love weather. Period. Moi aussi. That’s one sad thing about Sacto — no weather. Ever.

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