The flowers of my commute (or, ode to spring)

My commute may be much more urban these days, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to stop and smell (and look at, and smile about) the flowers.


(taking this picture under the wisteria smelled particularly wonderful)


On my way home from work last week, taking yet another random permutation of routes, I got it in my head that there are a bazillion (seriously, no exaggeration) things in bloom right now, and gosh darn it, I was going to take pictures of some of them.

Because what the heck good is biking through the world if you can’t stop and appreciate the things that make you happy? :)




(poppies and baby blue eyes and columbine, oh my!)


There is no rhyme or reason to why I chose to take pictures of the flowers I did and not the bazillion (again, no exaggeration) that I bypassed. I suppose if you wanted to put a formula to it, it would include time since my last stop, excitement over any given flower (the columbines, for example, and the lupine, I was super excited about, and the poppies on the river were just gorgeous), ease of being able to pull to the side of the road or path and stop, and ability to not look like a creeper taking pictures in front of someone’s yard.




(dogwood and lupine and some of the thousands of daisies blanketing Farragut Park right now)


I haven’t posted much this year about how fricken excited I get about springtime here, and how it makes me so insanely happy when the months-long progression of flowers starts, how each bloom that ends is followed by another new bloom that begins, crocuses to daffodils to cherry blossoms to magnolia to dogwood and on and on and on into summer. Which is, of course, when some of those flowers start to turn into fruits, and I become a berry monster.

Life is pretty good here in the Pacific Northwest:) And I’m sure grateful for a commute where I get to appreciate it:)


(have you ever smelled a chestnut flower? They smell pretty darn good if you can get close enough to them)


(aaand the mystery flower. If anyone knows what this is, I’d love to know too!)

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  1. Belles, belles, belles! Et quel oeil, chez le photographe! :-)

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