…and some unbridled happiness, too:)

… lest you think it’s all introspection around here, I mean;)

So, let’s talk about a day that starts with an early-morning detour to a friend’s house to bike with her to work, then onward to my own work. This is the absolute best kind of sneak-it-in bike ride, because it means not only that I get to expand my biking repertoire (all these streets I never take on someone else’s commute!), but, more importantly, I get to hang out with a lovely friend while we both do what we need to do anyway. Go to work, I mean. All it takes is a little bit of an earlier start for me, and hey! Built-in hang-out time in a way that feels like a total adventure!

And then let’s talk about biking home after a fantastic day of work, in the sunshine, taking (as always) a totally new way, with winding detours and a little bit of aimless back-and-forth, feeling like a North Portland globetrotter in the perfect spring evening. (I’m so excited by how well I’m going to know all the random parts of North Portland!)

And top that all off with running into another friend of mine not too far from home, she running and me biking past. The best thing about a bike is that when that happens, I can pull over, stop, chat, and then walk home with her. Another sneak-it-in hangout time wrought of active transportation.

It’s been a pretty damn good day and I am pretty damn in love with the world. Which is a pretty great way to feel when you get home from your daily commute:) Thanks, bicycle!


(oh, and bonus! Oxalis is blooming!:)

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  1. Yay pour les vélos!!

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