Update to Springwater cycling nerdery!

In a funny turn of events, right after I posted that last thing about Jamie and all his rad data about cyclists on the Springwater, I ran into him again on my way home.

AND, he sent me updated data:


As he pointed out in his email, it’s sort of too bad that even with the ebbs and flows, the overall average isn’t really going up. That is, it doesn’t seem like too many more people are choosing to commute on the Springwater in the morning these days than in 2009. What’s up with that, you think?


(Thanks again to Jamie for all the data and graphing!)

One Comment:

  1. The data is more clean since 2011/2012. Maybe throw out the first few years. The pattern in the 30 ride average is not increasing in magnitude over time. 2013 is the peak. That is disappointing. jb

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