Expanding the bike revolution:)


At my workplace, there’s no good, secure place to park a bicycle for a whole day, so ever since I started working there I’ve been hauling my bike down a long flight of stairs every morning and parking in my cubicle. You may remember this from after one particularly long wet stretch last year when I posted a picture of my cubicle/bicycle being a pretty rad clothing rack for all my wet things.

Anyway, at work I will often talk to the kids I work with about my bike and how much I love my commute, though I try not to be overly dogmatic about how awesome I think biking is. It’s just something that’s there, in the margins, in the way my bike is always there when they come in every morning or in my stories about the cool wildlife I see on the Springwater bike path, or in the random things I think about while I’m biking or how good it is at waking me up in the morning, or about money saved in not buying gas and insurance.

This season, though, I’ve been psyched because not one but TWO of my kiddos have started riding their bikes too. In the rain! Early in the morning! And since our office is pretty empty these days, I have them both parking their bikes in the cubicle in front of mine, which we’ve nicknamed the bike cube.


(two new bikies in the cubicle-bike-parking fleet!:)


It makes me so happy! I like that when we leave for our day’s work outside, there are usually more bicycles left behind in our office than people. I like that we’re slowly making biking a visible thing. I like that we’re slowly expanding the biking revolution. heh. Viva la active transportation!


  1. Bravo — tu fais vraiment une différence. :-)

  2. That is fantastic!!!!!!

  3. This is great! Commuting on a bike is the safest, most cost-efficient method of transportation and is more fun!

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