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It is a fundamental axiom of stasia-hood that if left to my own scheduling devices, I would like to be as efficient as possible. That is, cram all the work (i.e. all the time I need to be in Portland) into a specific amount of time, and cram all the adventure into all the remaining time around that.


(to make more time to see Sasquatch, of course! Here he is on the northern CA coast!)


Especially because I do often have flexibility in when I work as long as I get the work done, it means that sometimes I totally artificially stress myself out. Though I could have a week to write an end-of-season report, say, if I can get it done in a day, that means I have the rest of the week to be free. And thus it is that I give myself totally self-imposed deadlines so I can maximize bike adventure time.


(or, in very rare cases, sometimes rental car adventure time, like this past long weekend to the northern California coast redwoods)


For the last few weeks, this blog has been the victim of my artificial deadlines: between the crammed-in work and crammed-in adventure, I haven’t been too keen on writing. But there are a bazillion things I keep meaning to write about (well, okay, at least a few things) and I promise I will get to them.

But for now, having met my self-imposed work deadline, I’m off for a week of bike travel, starting first in Eugene to see these two cuties:



I’ll be back in a week! Think me happy thoughts and tailwinds! :)

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