Things you might see while biking: unimproved roadways

That’s right: with all this spring rain, this “road” has such an amazing pothole/pond that a pair of Mallard ducks have taken up residence inside it.

(SE Woodward, between 78th and 79th)

Which is to say, I think this road has crossed the line from infrastructure to native habitat. As a restoration worker, I heartily approve; as someone who likes to be able to bike on things that are supposed to be roads, I’m not sure how I feel about it. But those ducks sure look happy!


  1. La nature reprend toujours son domaine! :-)

  2. I thought that was ‘Lake Wygant’. There’s a huge pothole around 14? and NE Wygant. My ex had a Honda hatchback that bottomed out in one of those big holes and had to be towed out…

    • Ha! Lake Wygant, huh? Maybe I should call this one Lake Woodward:) I don’t know if Lake Woodward is as hatchback-eating as it sounds like Lake Wygant is, though — that’s a pretty darn big pond!

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