Just some springy enthusiasm


It’s that time of year, y’all! The time when everything is suddenly, explosively green, when the world laughs in flowers, when you’re soaking in the sunshine one second and soaked through to your socks and underwear the next.


(or, sometimes, when you’re biking merrily along and suddenly the bike path is underwater)



I’ve written before (here, for example) that I’m pretty sure that biking through the winter makes me appreciate spring all the more: when what sometimes seems like every day for months on end has been a cold and soggy slog, these days above 50F, days with sunshine, days with flowers, are so darn exciting.


(AND the waterfront cherry blossoms are exploding!:)


I haven’t been writing much since I feel like I’ve said it all before on this blog a bazillion times, but YAY FOR SPRING and YAY FOR MY BICYCLE IN THE SPRING!!

And happy thoughts for you all reading this too:) Get the heck out there on your bicycles! :)


(psst: trillium are blooming right now too!:)

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  1. Tout à fait d’accord! :-)

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