Which thousand words does a picture tell?

What is the internet for if not to augment your own narcissistic feelings of badassery?

Heh. Just kidding. I was thinking about that today, though, because of all the snow and iciness that’s still on some of the roads around. A few rides to a few different places in the last few days (because c’mon, snow be damned, there’s no way I’m skipping the Hollywood Farmer’s Market;) have required attentive bike handling, but have not been particularly dangerous. Just a little more involved and slippery than normal.

But of course I don’t take pictures of all the fairly standard biking I do; I gravitate toward the unusual. So if you only saw this one picture of a very small portion of one of my bike rides today, you might get kind of the wrong idea about what my biking in Portland has been like recently:


Because it’s been frozen, but that kind of frozen is mostly not what I’ve been biking through. (Some people have been, but they have much bigger tires than me.)

So I’ve got a picture, and maybe it’s worth some words, but maybe the wrong ones.

As a related side note, it is so super awesome to live in a neighborhood where basically everything I need is walking distance away. Because on the days where most of the world was this frozen and more, it was nice to tuck my bike all snug-like into the garage but still be able to get to wherever I wanted on my own two feet.

(As another side note, running in the snow is pretty great:)

Need another smattering of wintery Portland pictures? They’re here!

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