Washington adventure: a long time coming!

Uhoh… a bike in my living room surrounded by a growing pile of camping gear can only mean one thing: impending adventure!

pre-bike-adventure(That backpack’s not coming with me, though: it’s a photobomb leftover from a walk I took this afternoon:)

That giant map in the front? It’s Washington! For a looooong time now I’ve meant to spend some time exploring Portland’s northern neighbor and I somehow never get around to it. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that since it’s further north, I assume the weather is worse, and my time off is usually in the sketchier-weather shoulder seasons.

(Yes, I know. Those of you south of Portland think the same thing about Portland that I do about northern Washington. It turns out there’s always somewhere further north — or wherever — that has worse weather!)

But this time, I’m going for it. Two weeks of Washington!! Think me happy thoughts for not too much rain! :)


  1. If you’re headed WAY north to Twisp, Mazama, etc, it is awesome. Have fun!

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