An argument for spandex

Sorry y’all: summer busy-ness and beautifulness both conspire to keep me off my computer and away from this blog.

BUT, here’s a random note to tide you over. I remembered on my way home from work today that there are sometimes reasons to wear skin-tight clothes like, say, spandex when you ride. And one of those reasons is to keep flying insects from flying up your shorts and stinging you on the ass.

D’oh!! The initial slapping wildly at your upper thigh to get it out (all while maintaining your biking composure and not swerving into traffic, I might add) and then the painful sting is annoying, but what’s worse is the knowledge that pretty soon the sting will turn to itch — and damn if that’s not an awkward spot to be scratching in public.

Okay, back to your previously scheduled lives. And mine too. I”ll return to this blog soon, I promise! :)


  1. Ouch!!! Ça va mieux??

    • If by “mieux” you mean “mondo 4-inch itchy welt on my upper inner thigh,” then yes, ça va mieux;)

      No worries though.

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