If you’re reading this, I’m gone right now:)

That’s right. Internet magic is bringing you this post while I’m well on the road for some bike adventure.


Which mean that though I know you’ve been hanging on every rare word (heh), there will be no blogging here for two weeks or so. But stay tuned! I hope to come back, as always, full to the brim with adventure and open spaces and star-speckled skies, of people’s kindnesses and long hours spinning my pedals and time to think and think and think. I hope to come back re-used to waking to birdsong and sunlight instead of the sounds of buses or garbage trucks, re-used to the ravenous and ecstatic feeling of truly earning my food and falling asleep the best kind of exhausted, re-used to processing in my journal, unplugged from the virtual world.

Then, when I’m back, I’ll tell you all about it on this virtual world of my blog;) Until then, hold down the fort for me in Portland, or wherever you may be, and have a bunch of real-life adventures of your own!

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