The bike-camping reset

Things have been a little crazy over here, crazy good and also crazy scary and crazy overwhelming, and I’ve been feeling, for me, a little crazily fragile. A whole plethora of crazies.

triple falls top(speaking of crazies, these two crazies on top of a waterfall are part of the good part:)

Luckily, I have a few days free — not as many as I was hoping, but still a few days — and that means time for a bike camping re-set. Luckily, such a re-set is super feasible, even with only a few days, since it’s so easy in Portland to get out of the city and into the realm of outdoor awesomeness armed only with a bicycle.

ponytail falls(hiking behind a waterfall? Yep: Ponytail Falls, accessible by bike:)

Thus it is that I disappear into the woods for a bit, to bike and hike and read and write, to sit peacefully and revel in the newly-exploding plant life, to sleep in the true quiet and remind myself of what I’m all about. Thus it is that I re-center, re-focus, re-invigorate, re-member the stasia I like to be.

When I’m back next week, I will have vanquished the crazies! :)


  1. Escapism is sometimes the best medicine, just what the doctor (would have) ordered. Enjoy! :-)

    • I prefer to think of it less as escapism and more as revitalism. heh. But maybe at its core it is escapism, as cowardly as that sounds. Sure was lovely, though, whatever it is:)

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