Don’t get TOO excited, but…

… first signs of spring!!



What with the intermittent sun for the last few days, the relatively warm temperatures, the fact that I’ve started hearing frogs along the Springwater, and, now, crocuses in our front yard, SO EXCITED!!! :) I know not to hinge too many of my hopes on an early spring, but I’m definitely way inordinately thrilled about the last few days. A breath of fresh air, a tinge of hope before more deluge:)



  1. Glad to hear that the ‘great northwest’ is enjoying some of what we here in California have been enjoying for weeks. :-) Although, spring in January is just…wrong — wherever you are!

  2. Don’t worry, it’s going to get down into the 30s at night this weekend. :D (Though I will admit that biking home yesterday was pure delight.)

    • heh. Phew! I was worried. And honestly, it’s good that it keeps raining. But it’s the little bitty great-weather windows like yesterday that make wet and cold feel more bearable right about now when I’m starting to get sick of it:)

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