Bike chuckle o’ the day

Okay, fine, this was about two weeks ago, but I just found it in my real-life journal and it made me laugh all over again.

As I pulled into Hoyt Arboretum just now — short detour on the way to work — an older dude getting out of his car addressed me: “Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“Heck yeah,” I answered. Then, “Hey, you just passed me, didn’t you?” He’d gone by me at the last slightly uphill part of the road where I would usually turn left to go to the zoo, and I’d taken note of his little blue smartcar with a white stripe.

He assented.

“Thanks for the nice passing!” I smiled. He’d waited behind me until it was safe, given me lots of space as he went by, passed slowly.

He smiled back as I got off my bike and took off down the path to the staple rack. Then, maybe a minute later, he walked up to me again. “You know,” he said, “I had to chuckle at that. I’m going to go home and tell my wife that some young hottie on a bike thanked me for making a nice pass at her!”

Heh. I laughed, and corrected him: “no, not a nice pass at her, a nice pass past her.”

Oh, the random bikey interactions:)



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