Ode to unadulterated glee


western larch(the little miracles:)

You know what? Screw the people who want to play it cool, to skate over the surface of the earth unfazed, who don’t want to stop and look. In such a world, I have no time for them.

What I want to do is look people full-on in the face and grin. Smile back at their gorgeous ear-to-ear smiles. Beam when I see people holding hands. Laugh, explosively, when something is funny. Cry and hold someone to share their sadness. Say hello.

I want to revel in the world. Sing out loud. Laugh at myself laughing to myself, thinking of how silly I must look. Grin like a maniac at anyone else who bikes past me laughing and laugh some more. Do a cartwheel every so often. Jump up and down. Rub my nose in the springtime flowers and not mind the pollen that coats my skin and makes me sneeze.

Life is fricken lovely — instead of walking by it all on your way to something ever so important, why not dive in and wrap that foolish glee around you? Why not bask in that glorious blanket of joy?

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  1. We dove in — or rather, climbed up — and basked all day at Lover’s Leap today. SO beautiful!!

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