Why bike touring makes you a badass


Ha! Chalk this post up to shameless self-promotion, but I thought this clip from my professional-athlete brother and his professional-athlete friend, talking about their two “sufferfest” bike/climbing tours, was hilarious (the best stuff for bike touring badassery starts around 40 seconds:)



Just for fairness’ sake, this was my take on the whole Sufferfest thing, and my take on Sufferfest 2, back when they both actually happened. No, I suppose it doesn’t do much to dispel what Cedar calls my “oh, everything is so delightful!” approach to bike touring;)

I figure it just goes to show that nothing makes you a badass like not owning a car. heh. Or something.



  1. You made extreme pro athletes Alex Honnold & Cedar Wright “feel like pansies.” Now THAT’s bad-ass! :-)

    • Ha! Though what you’re not seeing is that they’d been biking and climbing for like three weeks already when I showed up all chipper and full of energy, so really, I’m not sure there’s much of a comparison in badassery;)

  2. That is AWESOME, Stasia! Inspiring for me to get back on my bike a little more often! :)

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