When everything, unexpectedly, is awesome:)

Okay, I promise I’ll write about Death Valley soon (thanks for your patience, those of you who have been bugging me about it!:). But I’m gushing with happiness about today, so I’m just going to gush a little over the internet too. It can’t be helped;)

Did anyone else in Portland manage to get out today?? It was fricken glorious!

Council Crest Dieter(for realz? Blue skies and warm temps in January??:)

The morning was a little subdued, but super beautiful, especially in the hills — check out the crazy fog beneath me, over East Portland and the river (yes, there’s a river down there), while Mt Hood shines on above:

Mt Hood foggy

And it really only got better:

from Terwilliger Blvd(crazy fog soup and sunrise from Terwilliger Blvd)

St Helens and Rainier(all of the mountains were out; here we have Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier, still with the crazy fog soup beneath)

Dieter and Stasia(happy bikists in the sun–photo by Dieter Loibner)

When we’d made plans to hang out today, who would have known that it would turn out to be so fricken lovely to be outside?? :) All day, I felt like I was getting away with something, like this was waaay too nice to be real. Which is a great feeling to have, like I was gifted with something I totally didn’t deserve but absolutely loved.

Heck. Yeah.

Tomorrow, back to work:)


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