My bike has a soulmate!

A few times over the last few weeks, I’ve passed this bike locked up near my work:

soma double cross

It’s the same frame as my bike, a Soma Double Cross, but built up a bit differently. And even though I don’t get super into bike nerdery the way some folks do, it’s kind of fun to see the choices that someone else made to build up a different bike from what started as the same frame.

With its black fork, black handlebar tape, super rad front rack, and more aggressive position, I like to think of this bike as my bike’s stealth ninja soulmate.

For reference, this is my relatively cushy build:

soma double cross lief erickson trail

…complete with way more chainring than you’ll find on its ninja soulmate. For fun, toggle back and forth between the two pictures and play the spot-the-differences game:) There are many, despite having similar overall structure.

Maybe someday I’ll be on my way to work and whoever owns that other Soma will happen to be locking up her bike. I’ll wave and smile, our eyes will meet, and we’ll be clasped in solidarity over our similar bicycles. heh. Or, yknow, she’ll think I’m weird and we’ll both go our separate ways.

But our bikes will always be soulmates;)


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